Kormákur Vom Lipperthof

From May 1st till June 30th this black pearl will be covering at IJslanderstal Arroði.

Kormákur is a very friendly and charismatic stallion, always cooperative and willing to work for you. He has exceptional tölting abilities  with high movements and great speed capacity in every gait.

At age of 5 he represented Germany at the World Championships in 2007, he became second with a total score of 8.19 as a four-gaiter. He also gained the dream note of 10 for tölt, he is the only stallion ever born on the main land who gained this score!

Father: IS1998187942 - Lykill frá Blesastöðum 1A

Mother: IS1993265191 - Kolfinna frá Hauganesi

Both parents are five-gaited, Kormákur is however four-gaited but carry's the AA-Gen.

For more info you may contact us via email or +32474/707.015

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